Help from Anki Users Please

Hello All:

Just subscribed and exported my cards. When I import them to Anki, how can I get it to display the Hint field (the sample text)?

Thanks in advance.


I think you have to check the actua exported file, e.g. an xls-document, to see which information is in which field. When you know that, you have to tell Anki to import the right fields in your preferred order. I’ve only ever imported simple tab-limited files, and then mapped Field 1 to Expression and Field 2 to Meaning (the default setting, I believe). Piece of cake.

GerryM see if this helps "Export Displayed List" Should Be "Export Entire List In...

Thanks Berta.

I have created a 3rd field also but it is not being populated during the import. I assume my problem is in the dialog box Import – Select Target Field. Field 3 is currently mapped to Tags. Can you check your settings please and let me know.



I made a video for you so you can see what I do.

Hello Berta:

Sorry to have put you to so much trouble. When I login to YouTube I don’t see a video. It has a message “This video is private” but I cannot see the video itself.

I think I finally figured out the Anki problem this morning. Nevertheless I appreciate you help.



Hello Again:

I now see that the video shows up when I access it from the email from LingQ. Thanks.

When I did the importing this morning, I had to edit the Card Templates also to get the Hint to show up with the answer.

Thanks again.


no worries Gerry :wink: