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Hi Mark, The following problem occurred with Posterous. I added MY facebook to my profile because I want to have my own blog too at posterous. Now the post that I make for LingQCentral Deutsch are added to MY facebook and not to LingQCentral’s facebook. They are correct added to Posterous. Do you know how I can manage this? Or should I delete my own facebook at Posterous? Or do you have options on the blog to solve this problem?

Hi Vera,

The place to add your own Facebook page and Youtube channel is on the Autopost page which you find in Settings directly under the list of blogs you can contribute to on the Manage page. If you add these accounts there, they will autopost anything you email to your own blog and to your autopost sites. The LingQCentral Deutsch blog is set up to add your posts to the LingQ FB page and Twitter feeds. If you add your own facebook page to the LingQCentral Deutsch blog on the Settings page, I guess this will replace the LingQ FB page with yours. You probably shouldn’t do this. If you post to LingQCentral and also want the same post to go to your own FB page, you can click on the Edit dropdown for that post after you post it and choose your own accounts to autopost to after the fact.

I realize it’s a bit confusing. You can Skype me sometime and I can explain it better.

Thank you Mark. I figured some things out by myself. Now I see why I had problems. There is no relation to LingQ’s facebook on the “LingQCentral Deutsch” blog! But there is a relation from the “LingQCentral” blog to facebook. There I have the options to choose the correct facebook page.
I’ll send you a picture!

Hi Vera,

I see the issue. Actually, all your posts on LingQCentral Deutsch will be posted to the LingQ FB and Twitter pages automatically. You have the option to add additional places to post which is what you see below each post. The additional places are the accounts you added personally.

By the way, all LingQCentral contributors, you should now know that the blog can be found on our home page at (You have to be logged out to get to this page. :-)). You will see the Blog link in the main navigation bar on the front page. The language you are in determines which language version of LingQCentral you will see when you click on Blog. That should start sending more traffic to your posts!

Mark, I think it iswell hidden there. To have this on the start page or on the community page would be more obvious, don’t you think so.

Vera, we will be adding links in the member area shortly. In the meantime, the blog content on our front page will attract more visitors to LingQ.

Why do I not appear in the list of LingQCentral contributors? Am I supposed to do something that I haven’t done?

That is strange since you have posted to the blog. How have you done it? By email? Or, on the web? Did you use the same email to send from as the email I sent the invitation to? Have you logged in to the Posterous site?

Helen, I always post on the Posterous site.

Mark, I hope you’ll have more traffic on LingQ :slight_smile:

I did it by e-mail, to, from my usual email account which you send all my LingQ e-mails to. Is there another way?

No, that should be fine and the posts are being posted fine but I think you must need to go to the site and complete your registration to appear in the contributors list. Go to and log in or finish creating your account. It will recognize your email.

I made a couple of videos about the LingQ but these are in Lithuanian so I don’t know if I should put them to LingQ Plaza.

I just became a blogger so if I can help in anyway please send me an invite to particpate. I’m currently learning German and Spanish on LingQ.

Hi! If you still need contributors, it would be a pleasure to contribute in the Spanish blog!!

@ Gintaras - Please go ahead and post your videos on LingQ Plaza. There can be videos in any language. It’s all good!

@ debbierose - I’m happy to set you up as a contributor. I will send an invite to the English blog.

@ alsuvi - Great! I will set you up on the Spanish blog.

Thank you all!

Mark, if I want to post a video at LingQCentral Spanish, I just have to send an email to with the video file attached to the email? It is that easy? The video will upload and appear in the blog even if it is 100MB weight? Do you know if there is any space limitation to send videos by email?

alsuvi - That’s right. It will definitely work with video files just as you describe. Larger files may cause problems but you can go ahead and try and see what happens. Take a look at the FAQ on Posterous for more information on how it works,

Hi Albert, also you can upload a video to youtube as usual and add it to posterous. I did this with some of my videos. On youtube is the Link shown that you can include in posterous. I post usually by web on posterous, not by email and it works great and easy. You can tag your posts and you can decide where your post should be postet too. Give posterous a try. It’s easy.