Help Blog and Promote LingQ

We are looking for volunteers to help us get the message out about LingQ. Many of you are active on the Forum. Others are active on the wiki. Still others are active on your own blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We would like to capture all this great content about LingQ in one place so that other members and potential members can share in your experiences and learn how to get more out of LingQ.

We are planning on launching a LingQCentral blog in each language on LingQ, as long as we get members who would like to contribute in that language. Blog posts can be LingQ forum posts, videos, images, wiki page content. Anything you like as long as it is related to LingQ or language learning or, is just of interest to other members of the LingQ community.

I will create these different LingQCentrals in Posterous ( Once I invite you to participate in these blogs you will create an account on Posterous and then you will be able to email or post your blog posts to the LingQCentral blog directly. At the same time, your posts will simultaneously be posted on the LingQCentral Twitter feed for your language and also on our Facebook fan page. (We should maybe create a FB fan page for each language as well. What do you think?)

Posterous looks very easy to use and allows you to post content once and have it automatically posted in multiple locations to all of your social networks. So, it shouldn’t require any more time than anything you are currently doing. Simply email your blog posts, youtube videos, forum posts or wiki pages to Posterous and they will take care of the rest.

If you are interested in contributing to LingQCentral and helping promote LingQ using social media, please let me know here or email me at mark at lingq dot com. Let me know which languages you would like to contribute to and I will set you up. I will also provide more specific instructions on how to proceed.

I would like to participate in English and (try to) participate in French. :slight_smile:

Sounds great, Peter! I’ll invite you to be an author for both blogs and send you more instructions. I’m sure your French will be great and of course, you can always run it through our writing correction system if you’re worried about it! :wink:

Me too. English only for now

I have no idea what it is or how it works but that won’t stop me. Please invite me as a contributor.

I can help you out with Dutch.

@SanneT. haha… I look forward to reading it! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can contribute something worth while in German and English and maybe in another language after using LingQ for writing correction :))

Hurrah!! The first post in Dutch is reality now.

All go to and start reading!

Congratulations on being the first!

Nice work, Vincent! Although, I have to say that Vera was first, I gave her a head start though!

Vincent had these questions which I thought would be applicable to others:

Can I only post by email?
What am I supposed to write about? Just anything?

If you go to that site you will see a “manage” link in the top right corner. Click on this and you can manage your posterous activities. This included editing posts and posting on the web as opposed to by email.

You can write about anything. Obviously, we are interested in promoting LingQ so anything about your LingQ experience or our system would be great. As well, general posts about language learning, topics of interest, photos, videos are all fine. You can also translate some of the posts off the English LingQCentral. It’s up to you as long as you don’t start writing commercials about Rosetta Stone… :slight_smile:

If I can help in some way, I’m your man…

By the way, for each of these blogs, we can change the title, subtitle, and description.

In English,

Title: LingQCentral
Subtitle: Learn English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish
Description: Where you will find everything related to LingQ.

Let me know what I should enter in your language. Just keep “LingQ” in the title!

You’re on, Serge! I’ve added you for French.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your interest! I have given you access to the languages you requested and sent you instructions on how to proceed. Feel free to post any questions you have as others may likely have the same ones. Good luck!

Hi Mark, Do you have plans how to deal with showing the blogs in different langauges here on LingQ? Do you add all to the friends blog list? Do you add a special site here at LingQ? Or do you add the Links to the different blogs to LingQ? I can remember that I need months to figure out that there is a blog from LingQ Support :slight_smile: And that I should add LingQ_Support to my friends.


The plan is to add “Blog” to the navigation on the Home page. Depending on the language you are viewing the site in, this will send you to the LingQCentral blog in that language. This will allow new visitors an inside peak at what happens on the site. I am also planning to add navigation to the footer of all pages on LingQ which will go to our various blogs and resource pages so that members will have easy access. Give us a week or two to get this stuff in place.

@SanneT - I’m glad to help you make your voice heard!

Mark, should the German LingQ Blog be for native German speakers or learners of German? I would prefer to have a link to the Blog in my native language and in the language that I learn.

Vera, there will be links to all the blogs.

Thank you Mark, I think this will be great!