Help - Anybody Remember the Name of This Spanish Short Story?!

Hi everybody!

Spanish language learning is going super well, and as I was reading a short story today, I suddenly remembered this awkward/funny short story we read in my Spanish class a few years ago. It had something to do with a man going to the jewelry store to buy his girlfriend a ring, and I remember this funny phrase where he said “qué dedos peligrosos.” The problem is, I don’t really remember very much more than that. I know that it had that phrase in it, and the story was really very short - maybe 5 pages (front and back - 10 sides) in a standard textbook. I would really appreciate it if anybody knew the name of this story and could help me find it.

Thanks so much!

I think, could be the next short story, “Una sortija para mi novia” , I put the link so you can check it out.


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Oh my gosh, it totally is! Thanks so much!

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