Help again?

Help again?

  • … 하는 수준에서: at such a level/extent as …; such that it satisfies …
    Ex: 이 대형 스캔들은 3명을 구속하는 수준에서 봉합됐다: They closed up this massive scandal going no further than arresting three people.

  • 결정을 해서: make the decision/selection to (do something).

  • 줘야 되는 것입니다: you should present.

하는 수준에서 결정을 해서 줘야 되는 것입니다 means “you should decide for a gift that satisfies the requirements (mentioned above)”.

For the whole sentence:
그래서 선물은 '바라지 않지만 바라는 어떤 것’을 잘 골라서 그것을 또 받는 사람으로 하여금 너무 부담을 갖지는 않도록…하는 수준에서 결정을 해서 줘야 되는 것입니다.

Therefore you should carefully select such a gift which will satisfy ‘a coveting that the recipient hasn’t been aware they had’, and which at the same time will not place too big a burden on their heart.

The phrase inside the quote comes from previous lines. Word for word, it’s like “something the person wishes even though he does not”, expressing the idea that he did not want it in the sense that he never thought about it, but he actually did it judging from the fact that he liked it when he received it.