Hello,everyone,I have some questions

I am a Chinese students.I have been using LingQ to learn English many days.But I offen forget the meaning of some words and I can’ t have a good pronunciation.I am going to have a big English test. Can you give me some good advice and the ways to learn English?

Forgetting words is part of the learning process. It’s almost as if you don’t choose the words you acquire they choose you. You can focus on a few of them you really want to use. About pronounciation, only tip I can give is to speak slowly. That way you give yourself more time to pronounce and the other person more time to understand.

I can give you this link to help being aware of sounds in english.

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If you want to speak well speak a lot on hello talk if ya want to remember more words don’t try to memorize the words and read tonsssss if you read 15 million words the odds you’ve seen most of the words in English are very high

Hahaha I read so much and sometimes can read or play easy games like animal crossing with 80% comprehension but I forget tonssss its part of learning I’ve learned not to get hung up on words and look them up a lot till Ive seen them enough but I still for get words in native English so

Best way to get good is describe things in more then on way

Ex)A cat has fur

Ex)A animal with 4 legs in peoples house that sleeps a lot and is very nice