Hello~can anybody help me?

hello~ can anyone help me translate the meaning of this word 밤송?
i tried google translate it said night song? i tried google it said chestnut burr?
if someone said 밤송 to you, what does it mean? is it bad?

It means broadcast(ing).
That was wrong, sorry, but I don’t know how to delete it.:frowning:

I googled it & came up with Bam 밤 and song 송 - hopefully that’s not referring to the toilet humour “Bam” songs on You Tube…

You joined LingQ and posted this question one minute later…sick joke maybe?

oh yeah, now that you mention it 밤송 also mean brodcast
yeah i recall hearing kpop stars said the word on tv
but i want to know if korean said the word to someone what does it mean, is it an insult or something
thanks anyway

what sick joke? how rude
i already google it and can’t find definite answer, that’s why i’m asking here hoping any korean or fluent korean speaker can help me
if you can’t help don’t bother to reply at all

@squishy - The correct spelling is actually 방송 (with an ㅇ). That should help you find it in the dictionary :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t read your full post, just saw the part about broadcast. Broadcast is “방송”, which was my correction above. Are you sure you’re not hearing the word “밤송이”? As far as I know it just means chestnut. If you have a specific clip where this is said to someone I’m happy to try helping to explain what the context means. It’s possible though that they’re just talking about chestnuts…?

@squishy - my apologies for offending you. I actually went over to your profile page to welcome you to LingQ, then realised you had just joined and asked the question. We do have some idiots/robots deliberately join and a minute later post rubbish on here, for example, male impotency pills etc., and coincidentally, Google did give me the “Bam” suggestion when I tried to find out for you. Please forgive my mistake:)

thanks for the correction. i don’t have any clip for it.
my friend and i want to buy something from this korean seller.
but my friend keep asking for discount and more free gift, the seller get irritated i guess
and i heard she said bamsong and other korean words. so i was wondering is she cussing at my friend
thanks anyway

I see. It’s ok then