My name is Hazem.I am a new user. I have no money to buy points what can do?

Just take advantage of the fact that you can do an awful lot of learning here without buying points. Just pick a lesson and begin. It’s painless and free.

And when LingQ will offer Arabic you will able to create lessons for Arabic library or even become a tutor of Arabic :))

You can listen and read, save vocabulary, listen and read, listen, listen, listen, and all for free. When you’re ready to speak in the future, then you can buy points.

Perhaps you’d be interested in The Language Learner’s Manifesto from our Founder, Steve Kaufmann, which you can read here:

Sorry, just copy the link above and paste it into your address bar, and remove the space between ‘875494’ and ‘/reader/’

David, such links never work, as it is a link for a lesson at your workdesk. When another member takes this lesson from the library, he receives another link :(( So, you have to provide links to lessons at the library.

Thanks Rasana, I didn’t realize that.