Hello, what is the exact meaning of word - coup

Hello, what is the exact meaning of word - coup - here in this content? de s´enerver un bon COUP sur le peripherique. Thank you

In that sentence it means something like: a burst of anger, a great deal, a lot but in a sudden way and then it will recede.

“Pleurer un bon coup” = “Have a good cry”
“Rire un bon coup” = “Have a good laugh”
“S’énerver un bon coup” = “Have a good anger”, but this is probably a terrible translation in English, I am just writing it to hopefully make the point clear.


It means to have a good bit of road-rage energy.

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I’ve only been learning French for six months. I’m struck by how often “coup” appears and in different ways: blow, shot, stroke, hit, knock, thrust, cut, shock, jab. There seems to be an underlying notion of suddenness to the word.

I often see “coup d’oeil” (glance) too.

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That’s a much better translation than mine ! :slight_smile:

It expresses a burst, or suddenness.

I never realized how difficult it is to precisely translate that kind of expressions.


In addition to the suddenness (think face flushed red as result of adrenaline’s flow) of “road rage” and “energy,” I think I captured the rather colloquial usages of “good” in both languages while “coups” are idiomatically the experiences that open up the capillaries in my face! :slight_smile: