Hello need help and tutor in spanish or french

Hello I am new to this site(this is my first post on the forum), I would like to know what is a good method to learn on lingq, the interface looks complicated, I have no Idea what am I doing, I go to exercises and look up some words, I lingq them…and then I dont know what to do except for doing the same thing. I am looking forward to learn spanish and french, can someone help me with that? Thanks for your answers.

@Roman_90 - Welcome to LingQ! You can start with these suggested steps from the “How to learn a language on LingQ” page Getting Started in help. For more detail, also check out the “Two weeks at LingQ Academy” page Getting Started - Two Weeks at LingQ Academy.

Here is how to learn a language on LingQ.

Choose lessons you're interested in from the Library.
Read the lesson, looking up new vocabulary and saving it for review.
Download and listen to the lesson on your iPod.
Listen ► Read ► Review Vocabulary.
Listen ► Read ► Review Vocabulary some more.
Do this a few more times and you're ready for another lesson.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

When you are ready to practice your new language:

Make friends on the community
Friends can be other members learning the same language
Or, friends can tutor you in your new language.
Have your friends correct your writing
Schedule conversations with your friends using Skype

You’ll be speaking a new language in no time!

I can help you, tell me when you can :wink: I’m native spanish speaker. my skype: xors1809