Hello. I want to hear your suggestions about learning as an external student

I am an external student, which means I don’t attend classes and I only take final exams on each subject. Therefore, I wanted to ask for your suggestions on how to learn what I’m supposed to. I have French and English as subjects, and I use LingQ and Rhinospike to help me with learning, but I’m not sure how to study other subjects.

Could you study the other subjects through French and English? Writing your notes about any subject in either English or French?

Hum, that would be very difficult for me unfortunately. :confused:

Do you have books to use?

Yes I do, but only that.

What are you studying then in the first place?

For me, reading the books and taking notes would be good enough. But what subjects are you needing help with?

Nevermind, I just want to make it easier for me to learn. Eugrus, I am studying externally for high-school. I just wanted some general advice…