Hello everybody! I'm looking for chating friends

Hello, I am new guy in this website (also and forum).

I speak in English not very well and I want to find new chating friends who can help me in English. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m new too, but my english is not so good, so, we can try chat… hope you understand me



Hi Faitas, I’m learning English too, and also I want to practice it.

I’m not very well yet speaking, but I’ve a basic-intermediate vocabulary to start chatting.

You can see my profile and look at my skype id. Just send a friend invitation to it. :slight_smile:

Hi! My name is kieuoanh. I’m from vietnamese. I’m learning english and i speak not well. we are chatting to improve language. nice to meet u!

Faitas ,lejourblu,kieuoanh_279qb, WELCOME TO LingQ.

Here we are a big family and I hope you can make a lot of friends to practice ,share information and learn a lot.

Faitas add me on facebook nick Pauly Gast Knick bocker

If someone wants to have a conversation with me about culture, politics, life style or something like that, add me on fb Eimantas Balčiūnas. Looking forward… Besides I’m new at lingq but I’m willing
to put a lot of efforts in order to improve my english skills:)

It’s crazy to see all these Lithuanians here. It’s one of my favourite languages but there’s no way I have time to learn it any time soon. Maybe one day…

The easiest way to chat is to use Skype. Install it and chat. Tell us your Skype name so that we can add you to our friend list. See you soon.

lmyirtseshem wow, it is strange but as well very exciting to hear that someone is interested in Lithuanian language :smiley:
Comparing my mothertongue language with others f.e. english or russian which i am learning at the moment, i could constate the fact that it is very difficult to learn it and this language is being used only in Lithuania… But despite these facts language is very beautiful and you are welcome to learn or even come to Lithuania one day ;D

Well, I’ll certainly learn the language one day.

I heard it spoken when I was a child so I remember the sound a little. The sound was always pleasant to me. Also It’s spoken in a beautiful country, albeit a small one, which is certainly worth a visit. I’m very interested in how archaic Lithuanian is, so it’s of linguistic interests too.