Currently, I am not going to be learning Hebrew, as i am focused on Spanish, French, and mostly German. However, I would like to know, what would be the best way to approach learning this languages? I usually do not start on LingQ with a brand new language because I believe it is too much. Obviously, I would spend a large chunk perfecting the alphabet and sounds. My main ‘style’ of learning is through music, so this would be a large activity I would partake in. Anyone here speak Hebrew?

Thank you.

Also, I am an avid user of LingQ and frequently check the forums and I would love it if there was more interaction between users. No one should be forced to participate or write on the forums, but I find it more fun when there are always things to look at.

The book “Zola’s introduction to Hebrew” contains an in-depth explanation of the alphabet, vowel marks, and demonstration of how to write the letters in both print and script form. It focuses on Biblical Hebrew, but the differences in pronounciation are minimal so I recommend this book if you really want to learn the alphabet well. Most other books only show you the letters and then you are expected to just write them in whichever way. The problem is that you end up writing poorly. I have experience with this as I first learned to write Russian script poorly and then learned it properly using a youtube video. The difference was enormous. You could work on the alphabet using this book while still working on your other languages.

Thank you!

I have Eastern European ancestors who were Jews and Hebrew is one of those languages I really want to spend more time with! Firstly I’d say get used to the script Shalom Hebrew app is excellent for this (it is by Behrman house). The app has a bit of a religious influence and seems to be aimed at children but for basically understanding the script I can’t think of anything better to recommend. Then there is Duolingo which has a Hebrew course. I’d suggest learn the script with the help of the free Shalom Hebrew App then hammer the Hebrew tree on Duo then get yourself reading articles. Also clozemaster has 90,000 Hebrew sentences to learn (although no audio on the site at present - boo!) Oh and for support with the duo course you can learn the words here! Hebrew Duolingo - by Mazzorano - Memrise

Thank you so much!