Hebrew TTS

The Hebrew text to speech on Lingq still uses the same primitive - and not so good - voice as the older version of Lingq. But now both Bing Translate and Google Translate have very good Hebrew TTS. Google’s is especially good. When can Lingq upgrade its Hebrew TTS?


I asked our developer if we can update the voice. I’ll let you know when I hear back.


Thank you.

Agreed, this would be great!


Also agree this would be very helpful. Often words are mispronounced. Language Reactor also has better Hebrew TTS (not sure what service they are using).


Hi Zoran. Have you heard anything by the developers? If that doesn’t happen automatically for all languages when they update the TTS, is it also possible to update it for other languages? Especially Armenian doesn’t have TTS on LingQ yet. (Not trying to put pressure on you.) Thank you!

@Cassius90 We did actually added Female Hebrew voice as an option and that one sounds better. It’s available for a while under the settings already.
Regarding Armenian, at the moment it’s not supported by Google TTS. As soon as it became available, we will have it added.

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Thank you, I did switch to the female voice and you are right, it sounds much better!

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How can I switch to the female voice on the Android app?

The android app doesn’t have it’s own TTS system. Instead, it uses TTS which is set as default under your device settings. So you can install and make the default TTS you prefer and install the voice you prefer.

Sadly, on Android, there is no native Hebrew TTS support… hopefully that will be soon.

I was wondering if there’s mini stories here on lingq that use niqqud for Hebrew. Does anyone know anything about this?

Unfortunately, that’s something we don’t offer.