Hebrew TTS is pretty terrible

The accent is incorrect on lots of words, and completely mispronounces others. Can the TTS program be changed?

One particularly bad bug happens with acronyms (Hebrew uses acronyms frequently) The program doesn’t deal well with this construct. For words like או׳׳ם the acronym for the united nations, it reads the first part of the word and simply names the final letter. The program splits it up and recognizes it as two words.

Google TTS still doesn’t support Hebrew, so we are using Bing Translator TTS for Hebrew at the moment. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully we will have access to better options in the future.

Yes, Bing is the best there is. Besides - Hebrew is a difficult language in that aspect, because reading very often depend on the context (like this - מסיבה - how would the text to speech know if it’s “a party” or “for the reason”?) But there is lots of content now uploaded with audio, this is something you can rely upon. Here, I even made a map of the high-quality (with audio) Hebrew content on LingQ - LingQ (I’ll post it at the Hebrew forum in a second…)

Yessir I’m just glad it’s there. Any update on Persian TTS?

Not at the moment, but hopefully soon!

What about Catalan TTS :smiley:

Same as Persian, hopefully we will have some options for it too! Not at the moment I am affraid.

No I think it’s not available yet

There is a better option! My student found a nearly perfect text-to-speech service!
Here, I posted about it at the Hebrew forum with all the links What If You Want The Audio And You Don't Have A Native Sp...
@Zoran - can it be somehow integrated, maybe?

We’ll see what we can do. Thanks.

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