Hebrew Texts - Problems with Right-to-Left


I’ve been trying to enter texts in Hebrew and have been struggling to get the formatting correct. Does LingQ have support for right-to-left languages? I know Hebrew is a beta language, but Arabic seems to have quite some content, so I was wondering how I can go about getting my imports to be formatted well.

What I mean is, the following sentence, which means “I have a book”, has formatting issues.

יש לי ספר.

Since Hebrew is written from right to left, the first word (יש) is written on the far right, followed by the other two words. After the word ספר there should be a period to end the sentence, but for some reason the period is put to the right of the first word. What does LingQ do for Arabic, and how can I get this for Hebrew as well?


Hi bencohen,
Unfortunately, we don’t currently have support for right to left languages. For Hebrew, it;s also not possible to copy-paste text so that it appear in right format, and in your example a period will always appear on the right side of the word.
Sorry about that, we’ll do our best to improve things here as soon as possible.

In Arabic there is the same problem, the point moves to the wrong side. In Arabic there are much more problems, with the diatrics not being supported, so you can NEVER make a lingq for words containing diatric marks. Not very useful as such for a beginner.