Hebrew LingQs of the Day?

I do not on the face of it object to hebrew as a language or anything, but I thought that it was unusual that I have e-mails showing up trying to help me review my Hebrew lingqs of the day.

it’s clearly a glitch in the system, as when I went to open the email it only had the regular old Chinese lingqs that I have come to expect. :slight_smile:

It’s been reported elsewhere. Sounds like there are some major problems with the Lingqs of the Day system. They are working hard on it.

(I’m wondering, why would you need to mention that you do not object to Hebrew as a language? If they were showing up as French, would you have said the same? hehe, just something odd to me.)

I think I would have been highly offended had it been “French LingQs of the Day”

hahaha :slight_smile: