(Hebrew) How To Pronounce ר

So I am just starting out with Modern Hebrew this week (with some background, having learned the basics and the alphabet in Hebrew School 20+ years ago) and I think I have most of the pronunciation down, except for resh (ר).

I know it’s not a straight “R” sound that we’re used to in English.
I feel like some words I have down, by pronouncing it as an almost non-existent, a very slight “W” sound (like Adam Sandler in “The Zohan”), but also a “CH” sound (כ or ח), but I’m not sure if that’s right and I should commit to that, and if I’m going to break any bad habits it should be now in the beginning of my studies. Also trying to avoid sounding French with it (unless it should?)…

Can anyone here offer a good technique for pronunciation, or reference to a good source?

Thanks in advance. תודה

the old FSI course has a description and audio

I know some don’t like to obsess over the sounds feeling that they will correct themselves over time. Personally, I find it much easier, if after some listening, for someone to tell me the tongue and mouth shape for what I am hearing.

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