Hebrew e-books and audiobooks

It took me three tries and the provider’s switch to Jumbo mail, but it is possible to buy e-books from
unfortunately one has to look elsewhere for the audiobooks so next month I’ll try icast.co.il

there is a site תסכיתים
that has audio recording of some literary works, the text for some can be found on the web
Unfortunately I don’t know how one would go about clearing copywrite.

anyone else have suggestions?

Okay, a bit late, but I finally downloaded from icast. The download is zipped in .rar and consisted of 3 large files in mpeg4. I’m not quite sure how to go about converting and cutting, but at least I have something to listen too.

My trouble is about how to convert auidbook to play on other devices. Even we are used to read books on Kindle. But we are doing exercise, my option is to use a tool to convert audible audiobook to mp3, then it will be much convenient for me to play audiobook on phone. If you have the same trouble,
check solution at: 2 Best Ways to Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3 on Mac/Windows Wish this tip is helpful to you.