Hebrew Conversation Meetup (3 Nov 2021)

Use this thread to start/continue the conversations in today’s conversation meetup.

If someone can translate this comment above, I will edit it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if you guys met, but just in case - I have this free conversational meetup on Mondays (and other days, but the main is on Monday) - you - and any Hebrew learner - are very welcome to join! Here -Hebrew Practice Project

I speak some Hebrew, but I haven’t started to learn it through LingQ yet. I hope to eventually but primarily for learning to read Hebrew religious texts; will there be any element in the meetup covering the dialect of the Tanakh?

Hi Alisa, Thanks for sharing. I’ve added your event to our list of language meetups

Hi Naguib-Al-Aswani, it’s entirely up to the attendees what will be discussed.

Hi Tommy, where can I find this list?