Hearing Abilities

During my business trip I visited a great convention and there were three presentations in English. One of the Speakers comes from the United Kingdom, another from the United States and another form New Zealand, all speaking with different accents. I’m proud to say that I understand almost anything they’ve said and I didn’t use the simultaneous translation.

Hearing a lot of different content and the work with LingQ improved my English in the last months and after 6 Months hard work I’ve now reached the level in reading and speaking that I’ve had 30 years ago when I left school. But my hearing abilities weren’t good at no time and with LingQ they are much better than ever.

Thank you LingQ!

I am very glad to hear that Vera. And I thank you for your tremendous contribution to LingQ in terms of German content that you have created and that you have found for us, the transcripts that you provide and the introductions to Podcasters here in Germany.

I met with Andrea last night and we did an interview. This, along with the interview with Annick earlier in Munich, and the interview I did with Computer Club Zwei yesterday should be published in a few weeks. The interviews should help generate more awareness of LingQ in Germany.

Thanks again. I am only sorry that I was unable to meet you personally this time. I look forward to our next skype chat.