Heads up on paying LingQ with a credit card you may be charged an International Transaction Fee as they are based in Canada

Hi all!

I got bit by a credit card fee when I upgraded on LingQ recently. The card is a US credit card and many US credit cards have an international transaction fee. My upgrade was for a year so this was not too bad as the international transaction fee that my credit card charged was USD $2.97 but if this was a monthly subscription that would be a bit too much every month. It had totally slipped my mind that LingQ is based in Canada. I have another credit card which does not have a international fee that I could have used.

Just curious if there is a international transaction fee using Paypal from the US to pay for LingQ. Anyone here pay for a LingQ upgrade with paypal from the US know?

I have see the info on the LingQ site about downgrading an account but I am still uncertain about what actually happens. I want to make it so that this time next year my credit card does not get charged. I would prefer to use the other credit card that does not have an international transaction fee next time. So the question is do I loose an functionality if I downgrade my account now? What happen next year if I forget to may the payment for my level before it gets downgraded? Do I loose my LingQs?



One other question is there a way to update/remove my credit card data as that would also work. There really should be if there is not.

I get annoyed with that issue of international transaction fee.
In Spain, the credit card company started to charge 3.55$ for 10$ of my basic member fee from August. 35.5% of commission for the credit card company!!!??? No way!!!
I have to think something abut that.

The 12 month membership you purchased is not recurring, so you will not automatically be charged again in 12 months time. When your membership expires your account will automatically be downgraded, but you will not lose any data you have on the system.

Whether or not PayPal charges an international fee, I’m fairly sure that if you pay with a PayPal account (and not simply with a credit card through PayPal) that you are not charged any additional fees, but perhaps some other US residents can verify this.


It is interesting that you say it is not recurring as when I go to:


It plainly says the following:

Your next charge will be charged on September 28, 2012 to XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Is there something in the system that should get changed so it does not display that? That statement on my account page leads me to believe it is reoccurring.

@frederickjh - This is a bug in the system that we are working on. This message does display right now but only monthly members payments are recurring.

I pay by the month for the basic membership $10.00 per month. I am paying with a US based card. The international fee I am charged is .30 per month. Just putting it out their for comparison. To me it is not a big deal, since I know it will show up every month, I just consider it part of the cost for the convenience of using LingQ.