Having writing in both english and spanish?

Is there any way that i can have my page displaying the spanish but then also the eact same in English? I am just a begginer and am finiding Ling very difficult to navigate! Any help would be great, thanks!!!

The standard LingQ texts for beginners exist in most languages. You can always open another window and another LingQ page (as if you wanted to learn English) and use the respective English text to help you out. You can also look under “resources” in the dashboard for a translation. Just keep beavering away, you´ll get there!

@Paulax3 - Instead of relying on a direct translation, I would encourage you to go through the Spanish text and save any words you don’t know. Once you have saved all the words and reviewed the lesson a few times, try moving on to a new lesson. It’s OK if you don’t understand everything 100%. As you continue studying other lessons, you will continue learning and your brain will begin to figure things out. You’ll find that in a month or two you’ll understand more of the first lesson even though you haven’t looked at it for a while.