Having Trouble Exporting Vocabulary

I am having trouble exporting vocabulary. I go to the vocabulary page and select the words I want to export and then click ‘export’. The browser then ‘thinks’ for about two minutes before it takes me to webpage that says that Lingq is down for improvements, which I don’t think is the case. I tried just selecting one vocabulary word and exporting it thinking it may have been because of the high volume of cards I wanted to download, but it did the exact same thing. Any advice would be appreciated!

@Jeremiah49 - It sounds like that page may be cached by your browser. What you might want to try is exporting one word, then refreshing the “Down for maintenance” page. Let us know if that works!

I tried exporting one word and the browser ‘thought’ as usual for about one minute and then it took me to the ‘down for maintenance’ page. When I tried refreshing that page it in turn ‘thought’ for about one minute and then finally refreshed the same page. I tried exporting vocabulary after this and it still did not work.

@Jeremiah49 - Hmm, you may want to try clearing your browser’s cache then to see if that helps.

I tried clearing the cache and I tried it on Safari and Firefox. It is still is not letting me export.

@Jeremiah49 - Thanks for the additional information, and sorry to hear that this is still giving you trouble. I think I might know why, but let me run this by our development team first to figure out what is happening here.

Thanks! It looks like you guys fixed it!