Having trouble creating phrase lingq's

I’m having trouble figuring out how to create phrase lingq’s sometimes, sometimes I will highlight a phrase and there are definitions, easy peasy, but sometimes I’m stuck. For instance, I tried creating “Ce sont des” from
link 101’s lesson five, I highlight them in blue, and on the window on the right it says

Ce sont des

I wish there were instructions, in English, on youtube, how to use this software for this new version. It’s very frustrating having paid three hundred dollars for this and not be able to use it properly.

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When you properly highlight those words, the window shows Ce sont des verifying that you have the right words highlighted. I think you are saying that nothing appears in Saved Meaning. If that’s the case, no problem. Just type in what the meaning is from google Translate, a dictionary or whatever. You can type in anything you want there.

If there is already a Saved Meaning, you can use that or, again, type in your own if you have a better one.

Not sure that answers it, but give more info is not.

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Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

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I think I figured out the problem.

If I have the pointer near the word but not on the word, and it shows still an arrow pointer and then click and hold and drag to highlight the phrase, it just says the phrase and shows the highlighted phrase on a white sidebar with no suggestions or window to save a lingq,

If I instead hover the pointer on the very beginning of the first word so the pointer icon changes to a hand with a pointed finger, and then click and hold and drag to highlight the phrase, then it shows the white sidebar with saved meanings etc,etc, and then I can save a lingq

I’m using windows ten on a laptop.


Thanks for this! I was doing the same as you, and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. :sweat_smile:

Time to lingq some phrases!

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Alternatively, you can click on the first word of the phrase, hold shift and click on the last word of the phrase.