Having problems with Skype

Hi, I’m not quite sure if this is the right place to pose this question… I don’t even know if I should put it here as it is about skype and not lingQ, but as we should use skype as a complement to lingQ…

Yesterday I made an upgrade to skype or something like that… and now, as has happened some years ago, it stopped working. Some years ago I had the same problem and stopped trying to use it altogether, because it wasn’t as important to me, and I only tried to put it again in the computer when I found lingQ, and to my surprise it worked, and now this happened… Does any of you have or ever had this problem? I already tried to connect and disconnect and install and download, etc., but it didn’t work… I changed password and it didn’t work… What should I do?

We have had issues with Skype upgrades in the past. There isn’t much that can be done but to uninstall and reinstall Skype. Otherwise, you have to wait until Skype fixes the bug. You can try to find out more at Skype’s website on their support forum.

I’ve looked at their site, but found noyhing that could help me… Thanks :wink: I’ll keep on uninstalling and reinstalling…

hellow, Yes I have because I do not know how to use, could you helo me.

Hi Hernan,

You can download Skype at their website at www.skype.com. You will use Skype to talk to your tutor in the Events section.

Skype hasn’t for two weeks… What makes me hate it is the fact I love it and it stops working… Isn’t there anything more I can do…? Does your skype work?

Hi Pedro,
did you write to skype directly (I don’t know if you have the possibility). Perhaps they can give you an advice.
Did you have any changes in your DSL?
Here I had and I have no problems.

I haven’t written to skype… I tried to solve the problem by going to there ‘Help’ page, but it didn’t help me…

I don’t think I had any changes on that… though I don’t really know what a DSL is… Is it relative to my internet connection? If so, I think it didn’t suffer any change.

The problem started when I made the update to the new version of Skype… And it isn’t the first time… The last time I had this problem I just stopped to using skype for three years.