Having problems finding interesting Romanian content

Does anyone know of good places to get interesting stories in Romanian to import into LingQ? I seem to be having stress finding interesting content to import.

This isn’t great advice but sometimes well-known news sites will have lessons for all difficulties. I found this to be the case with Russian (RT.com) and Arabic (aljazzera.net). So if there is a famous news site in Romania then I would check there.

I can easily find text to import, but text with audio is what I can’t find. For example, I can find the ebook colț alb but I cannot find audio to go with it. I find it much easier to understand if I can read and listen at the same time

You might try looking for audiobooks first and then look for the ebook. That way you filter right away.

Also, there audiobooks on librivox for Romanian…although I’m sure these are generally classics or otherwise “free”…but it also means probably the text is free somewhere too.

On audible.com there are some choices, but it’s a pretty short list.

Here’s a link of resources…You might have to go one by one in some of the lists at these links…potentially there is some audio + transcript/subtitles…or if there’s some video, possibly it may import with the Lingq browser extension.


Have you checked Youtube for Romanian language channels that you might import? Or anything on Netflix? You may just need to poke around a lot. In youtube you can search for “in limba romana”. There are some hits. Perhaps if you watch some of those, other youtube videos and channels in Romanian will pop up that interest you. Hopefully you can find some with real subtitles and not autogenerated. You can also set up a separate channel for strictly Romanian language “learning” and focus all searches to that language.

Hopefully someone who’s progressed a lot in Romanian can point you to some choices. Maybe find some of the top LingQ Romanian folks who are active and message them?

Hi Droner53,
Surely there aren’t many sources for romanian audio books, but if you search for “carti audio romanesti” you will find a few good sites.
You can start here: Carti Audio - Biblioteca

Also, you can find newer books on audibile; just do a search by “romanian” and filter by language, you don’t need an account to see what’s available; try to find a long / intresting one, and pair it with an ebook.

I am a native Romanian, so let me know what kind of content you are interested in and I can give you some recommendations.

All the best!

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