Having a lot of problems importing podcasts

Hi. So I have spent the past three hours trying to import podcasts into Lingq. I have found the information regarding this process on the Lingq site very confusing, but beyond that I am finding any information about podcasts in general very confusing, and I need help.

My computer is a Macbook, and my phone is Android, which may not help the situation (not sure). Anyway, it seems to me that to import a podcast to Lingq I need to first download it to my computer, not phone… is that right? Do I need to have a podcast app on my computer also, or can I/should I just download the podcast audio-file, and import that? But if I should get an app, should it be cross-platform app like Spotify, since I use a Macbook and Android phone? Then, how do I get the podcast’s text into Lingq?

Any information would be very welcome, including links to where the information is. The info I’ve seen on the Lingq website seems to assume I know something about podcasts to begin with, but I don’t. Btw, I am studying French and wanted to import some of podcasts recommended on Lingq, such as DailyFrenchPod.

Thank you.

Please take a look at this Blog post:

You’ll find instructions about the Podcast importing. If you have any additional questions after reading, please let me know.