Haven't received any monthly reports for three months

Are all the Plus and Premium members supposed to receive monthly reports?

The last time I received the monthly report was on May 5th. Since then I am missing three reports.
I did not report this to LingQ because I was kind of reluctant to do so. I did not want to bother my personal tutor.

I do not know how many Plus and Premium members LingQ has but not so little, right?
Guessing from the number of the tutors, it seems that writing monthly reports individually will take enormous time and effort for tutors.

I do not think tutors has to write progress report every month. Personally I am very much satisfied with very informative conversation reports from Edward.
I think the contact between personal tutors and students can be done satisfactorily through conversation reports and writing corrections.
So, my suggestion is that monthly progress reports can be computer generated.
Just knowing how many new words you have learned, how many words you have read… is enough.

What do you think?

@AngieAkiko: Yes, Plus and Premium members are supposed to receive monthly reports but our system sometimes loses track of who needs reports and this bug has not been fixed. Therefore, the tutors end up trying to keep track manually and it gets confusing. We agree with you that, for the most part, the monthly report is unnecessary since you get lots of more relevant feedback from your tutors in the writing and conversation reports. We are planning to automate the reports and do away with personalized comments in our next round of upgrades in the next few months.