Have you heard of Alfred Adler?

名著51 アドラー「人生の意味の心理学」:100分 de 名著. アドラー「人生の意味の心理学」
https://nhkmovs-i.akamaihd.net/i/meicho/movie/an_51.mp4/master.m3u8. アルフレッド・アドラー(1870-1937)
名著51「人生の意味の心理学」:100分 de 名著 すべての人は対等な関係にある
I noticed that his “psychology” is very popular in Japan. I recently watched a TV Program that introduced his “individual psychology”. It was very interesting. I have not read any books written by him.

I remember that I came accross his theories during my university studies. It was part of the course “economic education”. But I admit I can’t remember details after this long time.

Is his “Individualpsychologie” not so popular now in German-speaking countries?
In Japan, a lot of books that deal with his theory have been published lately.

“Adler, a core figure with Sigmund Freud in the group that founded the psychoanalytic movement before the pair split in 1911, collapsed after a suspected heart attack in May 1937 while he was in Aberdeen for a three-week-long series of lectures and seminars at the university.”

His oldest daughter seems to have died in a Soviet gulag, or rather, have been killed by one of Stalin’s purges.

I’ll guess it is well known here too. Otherwise I would not have heard about him. But I’ve studied economics, and pedagogic (not psychology!) was only a small part of my studies. So I can’t say how much effect it has in psychology today.

Here you’ll find some articles (in German) about him:

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