Have you ever dreamed in other language than your mother tongue?

How are you so sure? Was it in color or in black and white? What do you think that means?

Hmmm… I think I’ve never dreamed in foreign language… I have some dreams as I am a computer or a computer program in my student days. The most interesting one was when I was writing an university degree thesis. I wrote a driver for an original harware. Nobody could help me, even my thesis supervisor, as they had never developed a driver… So I struggled with my driver (and bugs) alone. And in that rather tough days I had a dream that I was my driver :slight_smile: And there was several bugs inside me :slight_smile: And I, beeing the driver, rewrote some pieces of my own code :slight_smile: It was in C++. So, I used to think at programmer languages at my dreams, but I think I have never dreamed in foreign languages… If I will have such dream I will suggest that I has overdone my languages learning :slight_smile:

Concerning colour and black-and-white dreams, I’ve never seen black-and-white one. At my dreams all my five senses participated. Sometimes I wake up because I’ve caught an unpleasant smell at my dream.

I have dreamed in Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin…All languages that at various times I have studied very hard at learning. Cantonese, is my second language, and the first language (other than my native tongue) that I remember dreaming in. I just started studying Spanish…and my first dream in Spanish was only very recently.

Most of the time, these dreams come at times that I am most concentrating on those languages…but sometimes, if I watch a particular movie, or listen to something on the radio…I think it can trigger dreams in these languages.

I have very vivid dreams, that I can remember well… and it is entirely possible that many of us have such dreams, and just aren’t able to remember them.

I don´t remenber dreaming in other lenguage, in my case English because this is what I’m studying… but so many times I think in it, aboveall when I was in London… I am Spanish


I used to dream in dataBASIC, a computer language I used to program in. I used to dream that I was stuck in subroutines in my own programs. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, Rasana!

I have also had dreams in which I was a ghost, a blind person and a fish. They were strange dreams…

Aha, I had. Recently I had a cold and I had a high body temperature at night. And I read my Endlish textbook in the afternoon. So I had a dream of reading one page of the book which was looped and repeated for about 10 times in an hour.
Sorry for my English. I’m Russian :slight_smile:

I have heard so many people asking this question, and by far, your answer is the best!

Ha! Today I had a dream that I had to call one of our client. And the dialog was in Japanese!
“Moshi-moshi”, “Rasana desu”, “Hajimemashite”. I was going to ask “how do you do” in Japanese, but my alarm-clock rang! Well, next time I will begin from “how do you do” :slight_smile:

I lived in Sweden for 6 months and spoke Swedish about 99% of the time. After a couple of months I was certainly dreaming in Swedish, although not exclusively.

It is a rare thing that I remember my dreams, but know I have been dreaming in English.

Besides that, I very often think in English during the day - even when I am not at work and doing ordinary things such as grocery shopping. And, very disturbingly, I find it much easier to name feelings in English. Maybe too much Holywood influence and not very much ‘feeling talk’ while growing up?

I was told once that as soon as you start dreaming in foreign language - you start to improve your foreign language skills!! I have been in Canada for almost 3 years and last six month I have noticed that if I talk to English-speaking person in my dream I speak English!!!


The more you speak the better you get at speaking, up to a point. I suspect you have a fair amount of practice speaking English, and you certainly seem to have a good attitude.

I do not know about dreaming in a foreign language. However, a lot of listening, and repetitive listening, and deliberate imitating while listening all build up your speaking potential. So you kind of need to do both, practice speaking on the one hand, and build up your language potential on the other hand.

I encourage our members to volunteer to tutor here, and then members can go to each others wall and invite them to discuss. You can go at it directly via Skype or set up a formal discussion. The advantage of the latter is that you receive a discussion report with your errors and problem phrases to work on. I find it that useful.

Yes, I have dreamed in English several times, and English is my second language, my mother tongue is Spanish. I’ve heard that dreaming in a foreign language, or speaking in another language in your dreams, only means that you have a good command of that language, in a way that you can already think in that language.

Most of my dreams in the last years are mixed (three languages dreams). Just as my real life. I’ve noticed the more I learn English the bigger is the “English part”. In general I dream not often, though.

I dream in Esperanto sometimes. They just don’t seem like real dreams when I do though.

Steve’s experience is wonderful in learning the new language. I really want to has a great improvement in learning english, esp speaking and vocab…

Steve’s experience is wonderful in learning the new language. I really want to has a great improvement in learning english, esp speaking and vocab…

Even though I have never studied the language, I had a dream where one of my Norwegian friends was speaking Norwegian! I couldn’t understand him, but it was still funny!

When I was in America and I spoke English all the time I dreamt a lot in English. I think that if you have a lot of language around you and a lot of input it is very often to have dreams in another language