Have we lost a way to learn vocabulary?

I had a student saying that, since lingQ was upgraded, she finds it harder to learn vocabulary than before. There was a function to learn 25 new words a day using flashcards, and it’s no longer available, apparently. I asked if she meant the LingQs of the day and she said no. Any ideas what this was? Whatever it was, it was cool and it is missed!

I find learning vocabulary pretty simple because I just do it from the vocabulary page, checking all the words I know on each page and then putting all their statuses up by one. The only hard bit is, if you do it backwards by status, you have to find the point where the 4’s end and the 3’s start.

Helen, there was a list of 25 the most important words on the main page, and now, as the main page is removed, there is no such function. I use the list of LingQs on the writing page and it works quite good! (Ordering Words Of Vocabulary By Importance (+) - Language... ). Also I tag words, which I think are important to me, as “learning now”.

That’s the Priority LingQs. We no longer show this on the ‘home’ page. For now your learner can find those Priority LingQs on the Submit Writing page. In the future, we will be enabling customization of the LingQs of the Day and we’ll let you see the Priority LingQs on the Vocabulary page.