Have I broken LingQ?

Just when I am working like blazes on my French - at least that’s what I wanted to do - the system grinds to a halt, well, it’s very slow and it doesn’t accept the increases to the reading and listening activities. When I go back to My Lessons after having updated to, say, 6 times read, the numbers in the lesson columns still show the old 1.

Has my unaccustomed activity thrown a spanner in the works? I am on FF (latest version as far as I know) on a notepad, things normally work well.

Any advice?

@SanneT - I have a few question that might help us better understand the issue.

(1) Is it slowness in that your computer is responding slowly, or that the site is loading slowly?
(2) Are you able to try this on another browser to see if it is the same issue?
(3) Does this happen with specific lessons or all lessons?
(4) Does this happen only after working on the page for a while, or is it the same issue after refreshing the page as well?

Although I ought to be in bed, it’s way past my bedtime, I’ll try to reply coherently:

  1. It was the site, but now the speed seems back to normal - perhaps some heavy traffic going on earlier?
  2. Not now, if it happens again, I’ll arm myself with your questions.
  3. It was with all lessons and all pages, Exchange, Forum etc - in other words, the site.
  4. Refreshing didn’t seem to make any difference, in fact, F5 made the whole thing even slower.

I’ve just noticed that the statistics now show properly on the My Lessons page.

Thanks for your patience!

@SanneT - It’s possible it was just some temporary network congestion. Things seem fine over here. Keep an eye on it and let us know!