Have got coins I didn't earn

I woke up this morning to discover I already had 609 points earned. A few minutes later, as I write this, it’s 615. But I haven’t done any LingQing today so far. What is going on? (it’s reading 616 points now).

If points can be added in this way, I wonder could I lose them too, to take away my streak …

Yeah, I think things like coins, words known and all other things like that on this app should just be ignored. Lingq is a mess. I just logged on for the first time today and it says I have over 300 coins and that I apparently already know 200 words haha. It is a nice concept for a language learning app but has been so badly executed that I would find it hard even trusting that what it is teaching is correct.

I too ignore the coins on most issues, except one: the streak. For me, maintaining my streak is my way of developing the habit and the routine of doing something in French, every single day. And for that, those 100+ coins are priceless.

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That’s strange, sorry to hear that. We will investigate the issue.

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