Has the word limit for imported lessons been decreased

I tried to save the first episodes subtitles of La prima squadra. I know for a fact that the lesson is almost under the limit of 4000 words. That’s because I use the Word to get rid of nonsense number sequences and characters like : , >.

Anyway as I imported the lesson it spilt it in 3 parts.

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As far as I’m aware the limit is 2000 words and has been for quite some time, I don’t remember it ever being 4000 in the time that I’ve been using LingQ (1-2 years or so).

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Actually I have been on lingq for 5 years and counting. When I started it was 10 000 words however that caused some problems with the functionality of the site so it was radically reduced to 2 000. That caused a small backlash and so at one point (can’t remember when) it was increased to 4 000.

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Yeah, I knew it was higher than 2000 at one point and was reduced due to functionality issues, I’ve heard Steve discuss it a bit in some of his videos and live broadcasts. But I didn’t know it had been raised to 4000, interesting. But, I’m pretty sure it’s back to 2000, as far as I’m aware.

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It is 4000 at least according to the warning you get when you try to import text that is over 4000 words. I just imported a text that is 3100 words just fine.

What I have noticed and OP maybe this is what you are seeing too, is that even though the limit for 1 lesson is 4000, if you try to import a lesson that is over 4000, those lessons get split to no more than 2000 max. For example, I imported a lesson with around 5000 words. One would think it would split to 2 parts, one with 4000 words and a second with a 1000. Instead I got 3 parts of 2000, 2000, and 1000. So maybe the splitting algorithm has not been updated :slight_smile:


Interesting, thanks for the info, I’ll have to try importing a longer lesson sometime, I’ve always manually split my lessons because I don’t like how the auto splitting works so that’s probably why I’ve never imported anything longer than 2000 words.