Has the flashcard review algorithm changed?

Previously I used flashcards to review all the LingQs for a given text. I’d go through them twice, with the words I got right both times being moved on from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 or to a known word.

Now it seems not all cards are presented, and the status of the words doesn’t change.

Is a time based interval used now? i.e. a SRS type approach? How do words get marked as being known, is this only done manually now?

Any LingQs that you answer correctly twice, get moved up 1 status level. Once a LingQ has been viewed, it is removed from the SRS review pool of LingQs due for review. It is added back to the SRS pool based on its status - 1 (1 day), 2 (3 days), 3 (7 days), 4 (15, 30, 90 days), Known (never).
Are you sure that LingQs do not change status for you after 2 correct answer?

Perhaps they are and it’s only because it’s a small subset of all the words in an article that I haven’t noticed.

Is there any way to review all the words (i.e. The old behaviour), rather than using the review schedule. Is it possible by using the “classic” view perhaps?

Sorry to but in on this thread. I had my morning email saying I had 67 lingQ’s to review but only 17 where on my SRS pool? How do I review the other 50?
Interestingly all 67 are there on my daily LingQ’s on my Android tablet

Same problem today. Email says 77 lingQ’s for study today. Windows laptop says SRS deck is empty but android tablet has all 77 in mt daily lingQs? What is the problem.

Hi Paul, please check your email, I replied you there with additional instructions/questions. Thanks!

You can review all the LingQs from a lesson if you click on the “Review LingQs” button on the top right after you open a lesson, but you can’t review all your created LingQs at once. You can look into them on the Vocabulary page, sort them and review maximum 200 LingQs at once.

This only reviews the LingQ from the lesson that are “due”. I don’t wan’t to review all LingQs ever, just all LingQs from a the lesson regardless of whether they are “due” or not. Is this possible in some way?

You can sort your LingQ by Lessons on the Vocabulary Page (Lessons > Vocabulary). You will notice that sort option on the bottom right.