Has lockdown helped or hindered your language learning?

I’ve been thinking about the effect lockdown has had on language learning and have written a post based on my experience of learning Mandarin: Has Lockdown Helped or Hindered my Chinese Learning? – I'm Learning Mandarin

Would be interested in hearing about your experiences :slight_smile:

what kind of blockage are we talking about?

I’d say for me, it has hampered, along with numerous items that have happened in the U.S…pandemic, election, protests in the summer, protests post election, freeze in Texas. All of these unfortunately have been distractions overall, spending perhaps unhealthily more time to reading news and perspectives on all of these.

Also, with work from home, a big chunk of my listening time was removed to some extent as that was a time I would spend at least 10-20 min or so a day. As things have calmed down a bit after election and the events afterword, I’ve been trying to get better at spending more time listening to German.

My reading time has not gone down too much and as reading gets easier it also gets faster, so perhaps I’ve been able to read more. I know for certain weeks at a time I’ve been hitting above 10,000 words reading a week.

On the other hand, working from home has allowed me to watch German TV at lunch with my gf. Granted the show we watch is much to fast for me to completely follow along, but with her help I can enjoy it.

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Hindered. We had our girls in activities but now I have 3 females up my “a“ from 5am to 9:30pm every day. When I can, I mostly listen to French podcasts 1.5x speed and Japanese stories N+2 Krashen level for my language acquisition time, and also read some Quora in target langs. I miss having scheduled conversations but it’s become impossible unless I want to forfeit even more sleep than I already am.

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I’m about 10 months into my language journey, and I don’t know if I would have even started if the lockdowns in my area hadn’t happened. I have had more focused reading in French than I had in English in years. Now I am also reading more quality stuff in my native language too.

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I would have even started if the lockdowns in my area hadn’t happened