Has anyone uploaded the Andre Klein (Dino Lernt Deutsch) books?

I’ve been reading through these and would like to import them here. Has someone done that already? This is my first day so I’m learning the ropes but liking it. I don’t see many complete books on here in German or am I missing something? I thought perhaps all the Harry Potter and CS Lewis books would be here.

Does it infringe on copyright if someone uploads a book to this platform?

I’ve uploaded to my personal area. It does infringe on copyright imo to share these to others. That’s why I’ve not personally shared any books. Only books that are copyright free should be shared, although I’ve seen cases where some people have shared certain copyrighted material.


It is not that hard to find free copies of such novels and you are only one click away from"upload ebook" button. Harry Potter first book and some novels of Kafka are available in the library with their corresponding audio. Letting you know just in case you do not know about it.

Hi, Treve!

Eric is right:

  • If you upload books with copyright for yourself and don´t share them with others: no problem.
  • If you upload copyrighted material and share it with others: copyright infringement.
  • But, of course, you can do what you want with “free” material (Youtube subs + audio, etc): Keep it for yourself or share it with others.
    BTW, you can only share material if you have the text and the corresponding audio files In other words, you can´t share text files without audio.

Have a nice Sunday

My understanding is that you can upload any books you want, but they will automatically be set to ‘private’ to maintain copyright. That’s what’s happened with all my books I’ve imported anyway.

Thanks for all the answers guys. Makes sense to me.

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Nice! I hope to read some Kafka. Having the audio with it is so great. Thanks for the tip.