Has a break from learning a language ever benefited you?

I haven’t been studying french for a few days because I am too focused on christmas and buying christmas presents. But I am trying my best to listen to lessons and review words. But my question is… what are the good things about taking a break from learning a language? Has your brain been refreshed? Do you remember more words? I don’t know. But I am curious to know.

jenny, i think that is not good to be far long time from your studies…
but the best method to learning a language, or other thing that you are learning is:
enjoy it! enjoy it!
example, i’m studying english and italian at the “same time” on lingq
some times i study italian for 3…4…5 days… then i get tired of italian…
so i change and start studying english…
have some days that i don’t want to study nothing!
have some times that i want to study both!
once I studied italian a lot! i was so tired but i thought that i needed to continue studying! the result: i did not improve my italian.
now, when i’m tired, i can take a 1day brake… 3days brake…
of course if i travel with my family i will want to be with them, so i don’t study…

of course all of this are my opinion
sorry by my bad english :slight_smile:
my opinion for you = ENJOY IT

Taking a break every once in a while is definitely not a bad thing. I’ve taken breaks over the past several years and have noticed that I often come back to the language more motivated, more attentive and with a clearer understanding of some things. I think as long as either (1) the break isn’t too long or (2) you have an intermediate or higher level in the language, then you should be just fine.

i think if you dont really have time to study and you try to then youll end up just trying to rush through it anyway, and it wont really be that beneficial ;P. same thing if youre bored with it or have other things going on, youll just end up spacing out and getting distracted (been there) and won’t learn anything. so if thats the case then it would probably be better to take a break than to not honestly. ive definitely taken breaks before and i find that its kind of like writing an essay and then reading through it again a few days later, you can look at it with more clarity and focus after not having been caught up in the process of writing it for a while and are able to notice things you didnt before, etc. just try not to make it too too long.

It can be a good thing, yes. Even an essential thing. But it also depends on how long your break is. I’m surprised by how many words my mind has retained over a mere few months. Exposure really does count. On the flip side: the longer you take a break from a language, the more risk there is in forgetting the words you’ve had less exposure to. Eventually, even better-known words may begin to fade. Again, it all boils down to the amount of exposure, and how long your break is. Myself, I prefer to minimize my daily study-time, rather than take complete breaks. That way, there’s a balance of “rest” and of keeping the language fresh in my mind. Of course, there are people who can study several hours every single day, and still have time for many other things; but I suspect that they’re masters of time management. I admit that I’m not, at least for the time being.

Thanks everyone for your replies :slight_smile: My break isn’t for long. I’ll start studying today.

I’m with Alex here. Now and then I’ve taken a break from whatever I was doing (languages, music, martial arts). At one point I didn’t touch a musical instrument for months, then I got the inspiration again. Sometimes I’ve found it even more enjoying to go back to a language after a long break.

Last week, HTLAL member Ari wrote:
“As soon as I feel my motivation waning, when it’s no longer fun to study, I stop and do something else. Sometimes it’s another language, sometimes I stop langage learning completely for a long time. I always end up coming back to it and enjoying it so much more. Life’s too short to spend your time doing boring stuff.”


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I have found that when I take a break, my skills in the language continue to ferment and bake and I am better when I start up again. I am also refreshed and more motivated. But I have found it not wise to leave it too long.

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