Harmonizing LingQ's with Frequency Lists

Has anyone somehow ran their LingQ vocabulary against a frequency list to somehow prioritize or create a flashcard deck of LingQ’s that you have yet to reach Known status? I would like to know how one could go about it.

LingQ has different word categories (indicated as coin multiplier) that are probably based on frequency. Another way would be to import such a list and tag all the words.


Are the coins based on the frequency of the words used in the language as a whole or are they just based on the lessons that have been covered so far? In either case is there a way to download the vocabulary list along with the frequency?


Actually, by a quick online search, I found a list of the top 2000 words in my TL and imported the list as a lesson, then studied it. :slight_smile:

Edited to add: Whoops, that’s what JulianiTOgo already said, sorry.