Happy Thanksgiving from the USA! Let's learn Chinese! (1st Pimsleur speech-to-text transcription)

Although I’ve studied Italian for years, and more recently German in the last several, I’ve been bitten by the Chinese bug this week - what better day to start studying Chinese than on the USA’s Thanksgiving Holiday ;).
Here is this morning’s speech-to-text of the 1st Pimsleur Chinese lesson. If you don’t know, or have not watched Steve’s video “Why I’m not a big fan of Pimsleur”, Pimsleur is ALL audio - NO TRANSCRIPTS. And they are VERY strict about letting people post transcripts online. This is why I like what I call “LingQ Central Station” - it’s where I can LEGALLY keep all my personal imports PRIVATE in one place in various languages.
In this transcript I recognize the fact that THERE MAY BE MISTAKES. But as I pointed out, playing with software is what keeps me motivated. I need to SEE what they are saying. I would be bored and frustrated and quit Pimsleur in 5 minutes if I did not do the transcriptions to keep me engaged: WARN ING: You must NOT fall into the trap of doing “busy” work and not studying. The studying MUST be done as your doing the transcriptions - if not, you’re just fooling yourself into thinking your spending all this time doing something worthwhile when you’re just fooling around with technology and learning very little. As I paste each sentence or vocabulary word into LingQ, I’m always studying and repeating it: “对不起 (Duìbùqǐ) 对不起 (Duìbùqǐ), 对不起 (Duìbùqǐ)” etc. The characters seem to me, a hopeless endeavor. I don’t see how ANYONE can learn these in the short time we are given on this planet LOL :). But I’ll try…
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco


You created this by using software? I’m doing the same thing by hand for Korean, so I wonder how well it would work for that. On the other hand, I bet doing it by hand would keep you even more engaged :slight_smile:

As I read your post, I kept thinking “What a strange reason for doing the transcript himself. I’d give an arm and leg for a completed transcript, which would save me 30-60 minutes per day”. But at the same time I must admit I’ve grown used to doing it myself, and know that it’s a very beneficial exercise. Let me list the other reasons why I insist on using a Pimsleur transcript:

  1. To be sure about pronunciation. This is especially important in my case as my hearing is sometimes marginal.
  2. To practice reading through flashcard creation.
  3. To practice writing and spelling through flashcard creation.
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