Happy Birthday, Steve

Hello Steve, I’m here today to say Happy Birthday.

I hope you can enjoy this amazing day with your friends and your family.

20 years old right ? LoL

Hugs from Brazil.

best wishes,



“20 years old right ?”

Only in appearance. In wisdom, he is about 70.

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…well, maybe we should reduce that to 60 on account of his inability to learn unscripted languages!

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Is it really Steve’s birthday?

( If so: tanti auguri vecchio maestro! :-D)

Happy Birthday Mr. Kaufmann! And thanks for all the inspiration you provide with your videos year after year!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch und liebe Grüße auch aus Deutschland :slight_smile:

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Muitos parabéns e que passe um dia muito feliz!

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Alles Gute, Steve! :slight_smile:

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생신을 축하합니다!

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Bon anniversaire, Steve.

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Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire.

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Happy birthday steve. Don’t tell Clugston or he’ll say you can’t celebrate unless “you have credentials” Let me see your creds in celebration. Cite evidence. Real name, real photo

Many happy returns of the day!

Joyeux anniversaire Steeve.

¡Feliz cumpleaños Mister! Que cumplas muchos más, con mucha salud y que continúes aprendiendo más idiomas :slight_smile:

生日快樂 Steve!

Buon compleanno, Steve!

Happy Birthday Steve!! (for your 9th October ) For he’s a jolly good fellow~, for he’s a jolly good fellow~… why was he born so handsome~… Let’s raise our coke glasses to Steve: 乾杯!

Nah, seriously, I wish you a most wonderful year ahead - may it be the best year yet in all your adventures and endeavours.
Oh, and thank you for your wonderful, inspiring videos. They’re a pleasure to watch and your enthusiasm is contagious.



Happy Birthday, mate! :)~


All the best, and happy language learning!

Gee, what can I say? I love this community with all the various personalities, foibles, hobby horses and pet peeves that we have, even as we share our common interest, language learning!