Happy Birthday Quebecers?

Happy Birthday French-Canadian?
Today it’s the national Feast of French-Canadian: “La fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste”.
It’s a day for everyone!
There are some big events here in Quebec today!
Is someone would like to learn about the history of this feast?

correction here : It’s a day off for everyone!

Congratulations Margo. I lived in Quebec from the age of 5 to 18. I do not visit often enough. I love it there, not only Montreal, but when I have been in La Beauce, Quebec City, Lac St. Jean region etc. And the canoe tripping in the Laurentians. The Quebecois have real joie de vivre. Too few Anglo-Canadians really know them, but then that works both ways.

A few ideas.

We should recognize national days here at LingQ. Maybe we can have a little Quebec Flag on the home page or do the same for other national days…but not now, we do not have the time to set that up.

We also are hoping that you and your friends can find us more Quebecois content, either create it or find some good podcasts where we can get transcripts.

I would like that one day French-Canadians and English-Canadians can tell their stories at LingQ and let people across the country ( and elsewhere) learn about ordinary Canadians through their languages. We could add native languages into the mix one day too.

Hi Marguerite! I would be very interested in learning more about Quebec, this feast and others, and many topics about your country :slight_smile:

Ah Quebec, la belle province! I was born in Montreal and actually remember going to expo 67 as a kid! We moved to Ontario in '68 so the wee bit of French I learned in grade school in Montreal was repeated over and over in the Ontario school system. I went back with my young Ontario born bride for our honeymoon in the “View of the Chateau Frontenac” hotel (we couldn’t afford the rooms at the actual Chateau Frontenac, but we were living on love, and the view was really great!) and a few vacations years ago up in the Laurentians, fishing in the Chic choc mountains and up in the peninsula past St. Louis de Ha Ha (where did that crazy name come from?) but now it has been quite a while since I have been back.

One of my favorite movies of all time is a Quebecois French movie call “Montreal Quebec”. It is filmed inside the cars of some strangley interconnected people driving from Quebec City to Montreal and is really amazing, all in Quebecois French. I highly recommend this movie to anyone wanting to hear the sounds of Canadian French and the humor, well, I think it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Very, very, funny!

I live in “far-away Europe” and I am not so well informed about Canada. I could watch some French-Canadian news on the French channel “TV5 Monde” and I found the Quebecois pronounciation quite different from European French. The most famous French Canadian for me is the pop singer Céline Dion.