Happy Belated 1st anniversary

I remember that the new LingQ system started in full swing on August 1st, 2007.
Happy Belated 1st anniversary, LingQ!

I don’t read all of the threads on the forum, and maybe someone posted the same as me, but please let me say it.

I am really thankful for Steve and all of the LingQ staffs, tutors and members that make such a great community.

I think I was one of the last members of theLinguist (old system). But to tell the truth, the old system was a little difficult to approach for me, so I didn’t use it very much.
However, I got excited about LingQ because I felt it was more attractive, cheerful and clear-cut.

I started studying English at LingQ, and I realized that I only needed to ENJOY learning English. I also knew HOW TO enjoy it. I got the confidence that I would never give up learning English any more.

Before I met LingQ, no one told me how to enjoy studying language. It was tough work for me. The more I fell behind in my studying, the more I lost my motivation.

Actually, I am a basic member and my activity score is lower than before, but there are some reasons.
Now I think it’s more important to review old contents which I’ve completed than to increase the number of contents. I’m listening to some English contents every day, but I don’t count my listening or reading time correctly. I got some extra points. Furthermore, I have more things to do than before.

However, I never lose my enthusiasm for learning English. I know that all I have to do is enjoy it. It’s a very simple and important fact for me.
LingQ always develops into a better system all the time and doesn’t mind taking the trouble. This attitude also cheers me up.

LingQ is my greatest benefactor. No doubt about it!


Thank you very much for these kind words Gecko. We are trying our best here at LingQ. We wish we could make all of our plans happen immediately, but that is not possible. We rely on our members to make this community really something of value. To be of value, LingQ has to bring enjoyment to its members. Learning is one of the most enjoyable activities we can get involved in if it is done right.