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Has anyone here any experience in studying hanja? I have studied for 5-10 minutes a day for a few months now with flashcards and although I think the characters are quite easy to remember (I now wish Korean used mixed script…), it would be nice to have something to read to really make them stick. I did try some of the beginner lessons here at LingQ for Japanese and I think that might be an option, the biggest disadvantage I guess would be the difference in pronunciation. My main reason for studying hanja is to improve my Korean, but at some point in the near future I want to start learning Japanese too. Maybe the best way would be to learn the kanji instead with both the Korean and Japanese pronunciation?

Any comments on hanja, resources, Japanese as a possible resource etc would be great.

There are flashcards on Anki and Memrise. There are a few textbooks as well on amazon.

I don’t know any Korean resources like articles or readings that use Hanja. The LingQ founder, Steve referenced having a book that used hanja on one of his videos so I know they are out there somewhere.

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歸源 (Kuiwon):

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Hi wnint, these resources may be of use to you:

Two different Hangeul to Hanja converters:

  1. https://transliterationisfun.blogspot.com/2016/02/korean-hangul-to-hanja-converter.html
  2. 한자로 한글한자자동변환기
    Both of these take Hangeul text of your choice and produce “mixed text” containing Hanja. They will give you slightly different results. Keep in mind that they are not perfect, as there are many homophones in Korean and multiple ways to convert many of the Hangeul syllables into Hanja.

Hanja Explorer
The Hanja Explorer is a unique tool that visually displays the connections between different Sino-Korean words. I found it helpful for finding groups of words that have Hanja in common with each other and visually displaying the links between words or word groups.
The information on Hanja Explorer is definitely not 100% accurate, so beware of errors. Also, I found that it was not particularly intuitive to use, so you may want to watch the tutorial video and use the “undo” button as if it were a “back” button.

Your First Hanja Guide: Learn Essential Chinese Characters Used In Korean
This is Talk to Me in Korean’s textbook on learning Hanja. I haven’t used it, but it might be helpful.

Further resources can be found in these Quora answers, including a link to the Naver Korean newspaper archives that include articles with mixed text:


By the way, since you plan to learn Japanese in the near future, you may find James W. Heisig’s method (Remembering the Kanji) to be extremely useful in order to memorize the characters efficiently:

If you decide to use the Heisig method, I would recommend using it in conjunction with Kanji Koohii (http://kanji.koohii.com/) which is a website that allows you to review Heisig with online flashcards, community mnemonic hints, and SRS.


Yup, that’s kind of what I’ve done so far. I’m at around 550 known hanja in the memrise course I’m working on. But I don’t think it will stick if I don’t couple it with reading…

Lots of great resources on this link. Donga Ilbo’s Hanja News and especially Naver’s News Library is really awesome! Definitely challenging for me, but I’ll import some articles this weekend for sure. Thank you!

Thank you for your thorough answers! I think using the converter (the second one looks pretty good I think) might be an option. Especially to bridge between easier contents and news articles like NNL that you and Imani linked.
Also thanks for the tip on Heisig’s book and the website. I initially wanted to do learn Japanese (L4) strictly via Korean (L3) but I think I’ll try to take the easiest way. Will check out the book asap.

You are welcome! Best of luck on your Korean and Japanese journeys!

I’ve never tried importing texts with Hanja into LingQ. Do you know if the system lets you click on Hanja words and make LingQs out of them?

Also, HanjaNews.com and the Dong-A Ilbo are some other sources of mixed text:
김원중의 한자로 읽는 고전|동아일보
한자 이야기|동아일보

Didn’t expect I would have this many resources a day later when I started this thread, haha! Thanks again.

Regarding the question, it appears to work perfectly. I imported two articles and both mixed (eg. 中업체) and pure Hanja (eg. 午後) are possible to LingQ. Translation (google translate I guess) works fine too, at least for these simple words.

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