Hand writing Chinese Characters

Does practicing the actual writing of the Chinese characters help one recognize the characters better from a reading standpoint? Like is it worth the time or does it benefit the learner at all to do this? Thanks again!

Yes, to some extent. But unless you are learning Mandarin or Japanese, I wouldn’t worry too much about learning the stroke order of Chinese characters.

I am learning Korean and using spaced repetition to learn the meaning of 한자 so I have an easier time reading.

I am using an app called QHanja on Android. It is great. It is meant for native speakers, but you have all the characters divided by levels (you only need to pay premium for the more advanced levels - the lower ones are free). They show you the stroke order and you can practice writing the characters on your phone/tablet. This app is a hidden gem.

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I think it is less useful than reading and listening more at your beginning stage like from A1 to B1.1. But later trying to write Chinese characters can be useful for expressing your own ideas in written form if it is what you want. But I know some of my foreign friends they just want to have speaking communication so they do not practice writing.

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