Hamburg meet up

Hey guys! I’m visiting Hamburg on the weekend after next (sat 18th and sun 19th July) for a quick trip, and would love to meet people who fancy a chat over a drink or a walk around Hamburg. I’m learning German, and can offer English, so if you fancy meeting sometime on those dates, please feel free to message me on facebook ‘Romnik Thind’ :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I live not close to Hamburg, and I’m short on money this month. So I cannot make it. But it was always nice meeting other LingQ members and I can strongly recommend to meet other members if you can.

I wish you a great time in Hamburg. It is an interesting city. I made some lessons about my own visits of Hamburg. You can find them in the German library ('Courses: Vera’s diary for beginners, Veras Tagebuch). And I made some lessons in the “Deutsche Städe und Regionen”-Course about Hamburg. I don’t know your level of German, but if you are an advanced learner you may enjoy the lesson about Hamburg in the GEOaudio-course as well.

What do you intend to visit or to do in Hamburg?

Many thanks for the reply Veral, I will definitely have a look at your suggested lessons! Im very excited to be visiting Hamburg, it will be my first true visit to Germany (where I’m not too young to remember anything), and since I’ve been learning the language for the last 18 months, I think it will make the visit so much more of an experience.

I have no true plans yet, I may be travelling to Luebeck for a day or two, and that looks like such a perfect little German town :).

Hello Romnik, I live in this wonderful town ;-). Sorry, that I didn’t reply earlier. The last months I haven’t been an active member on lingq, but my Spanish contact have told me about you yesterday. So if you’d like a guide or just to meet me (provided that the age difference doesn’t bother you), please contact me via Skype ("il_melomane70). Anyway, have a good time in Hamburg!

@Sanne: Danke, dass du an mich gedacht hast. Deine Nachricht über Skype habe ich leider nicht erhalten, aber mein spanischer Gesprächspartner hat mich darüber informiert.
Gruß Frank