Halloween Discount

I recently got a “Happy Halloween” Lingq Discount pop-up on my phone when I opened Lingq. I did not follow up on it. However, I wonder if I can use the discount on my next year’s member ship (my current membership expires next June)? If so, is there a link to the Halloween discount?

Sure thing, here’s the offer link:

This is not the one I saw.

Here is a screen-shot. It says 30% off and 5$ off:

That says 30% off plus an additional 5% off (so 35% off total), not 5$ off.

The 35% off deal exists all of the time, they just rebrand it to something different every month or two. Before the Halloween special it was “back to school”, before back to school I believe it was “summer special”, before that it was probably something to do with spring, etc.

I’d reinstall the app and try opening the app a few times on multiple devices and it should show up again.


You are right. I misread it. In any case it is much better than the “5$” off.

I did as you said (uninstall, reinstall), but you really only get 5$/month off. This ad is unfortunately a case of misleading customers :(((

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What it is if you read the description is 30% off yearly plan discount…This is the normal 30% off if you go to a yearly plan. PLUS an extra discount of 5% off. It does not say 35% off…its 30% plus 5% off the discounted price. Yearly plan = $107.88. 5% of 107.88 = 5.39. 107.88 - 5.39 = 102.49.

Maybe a little misleading but still a bonus.


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