Hallo, Ich bin in Berlin

Hallo everyone. Im in holidays in Berlin. Yesterday I tried an academy, they where really surpriced when they asked me if I have any certificate of my previous academy and I answered that Im a selflearner. They told me my speaking and understanding is about level B1, (I could undertood them) but my grammar undertanding A1 (Check by a test) So I made an houer of lessons for checking, and I Did not like it. (It was 1 hour of making grammar activities and correct them by checking it in the board) So… I decided no academy!!! Now I have plenty of time to see Berlin. Iff any one want to practice Spanish or Have a bier Im more than happy to meet up!!! Schönen Tag!!!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy Berlin. There are so many interesting places and things to do. Let us know what you have done, and what you liked :slight_smile: I guess this is much more fun than classroom activities. Grammar is not the most important thing in language learning, but it is helpful to know some of it. You don’t need a classroom to acquire this. There are books and websites with German grammar available. I would spend about 5% of my time getting an idea of grammar, but not more.

I would really love to visit Berlin again, but I cannot afford it this year. But I’ll visit Paris with my daughter in 2 weeks. We are both learning French and we hope it will be useful.

Enjoy your stay!

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