Hallo everyone, a question, why i can't download Lessons in my Iphone-app

Hallo everyone,

first of all, I am a frei Membership for a couple of days and i habe downloaded a App in my iphone, aber i can’t find any lessons, if i want to add Courses. What’s the Problem?

Thank you for help

Hi! There is unfortunately an issue in the app which is preventing some users from being able to see their lessons and courses. As it’s the weekend, our development team will look into this in further detail tomorrow and we will do our best to get this resolved quickly!

Ok, we’ve found a way to fix this without having to push a new version of the app (which takes 7-10 days for Apple to approve), so the existing version of the app should now be working properly.

Again, we’re really sorry for the trouble with this! We’ve taken steps to improve our app testing methods to better prevent future issues like this from occurring.